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After my first quilt I wanted to continue to learn. I had successfully sewn squares into patchwork and I was hungry for more. Quilting has that effect on many of us, so I started scouring the internet to find my next challenge. So many quilts, how would I ever decide?  I finally picked a category: applique.

After an exhaustive search I fell in love with Sunbonnet Sue and Sunbonnet Sam. The picture on the front consisted of larger pieces and really simple shapes. I was confident I could do it! I found a modern version of these little guys and promptly ordered it. All I had to do was to wait for it to arrive as I purchased the printed version. I was so hooked on quilting that I filled that time with videos and tutorials on applique.

When the pattern arrived I ripped it open and started picking fabrics. Oh this is going to be fun, I thought. I had a help, too! You can just make out my cat Chico’s rear in this picture.  He was happily supervising from the placemat I gave him to sleep on.

Little Helper

Each block felt like a blank canvas to me. I had just as much fun picking out the fabrics for each block and I did decorating them. I used buttons, ribbons, a little lace, sew-on beads and decorative stitches adorning their hats. Here are the quilt blocks in the making on my design wall.


I didn’t have a washable marking pen at the time so I decided to just lightly mark it with a pencil. Oh boy – I won’t make that mistake again! Thankfully, after a couple of washes, all the marks were removed.  I promptly went out and bought a water soluble marking pen. I made several mistakes but I learned a lot and had so much fun creating this quilt.

2014-quilt marking

This quilt was gifted to my Mother for Christmas in 2014. She has always had a fondness for dolls and I knew she would just love it. I was right, she loved it, and even had to be coaxed into using it. She was afraid of getting it dirty. But after some nudges from my cousin she relented and started to enjoy it. My Mom passed away in 2016 and I now have possession of this quilt again. It will always be special to me.


Have a great day!